May 18, 2010

nice & shiny - windermere, fl children's photographer

now that jack is 3.5 years old, it is time for his first trip to the dentist.  i had an appointment yesterday, and he accompanied me to watch and see what all goes on.  this morning he was ready!  he did so well.  just sat there nicely and let the hygienist do her job.  she said that she could tell that he brushed, because they looked so good!

i am so proud if him - another step toward being a big boy.  :)

they give kids sunglasses so the light isn't too bright

May 11, 2010

...then comes marriage - orlando family photographer

this past weekend, my family and i traveled to co to attend my husband's brother's wedding.  we spent a couple days at his parents home in colorado springs, and then the rest of the time in denver for the wedding.  it was so nice to see everyone, as we don't get to see our family out west very often.  todd, myself, and jack were in the wedding, and ryan was cared for by todd's very kind cousins.  here are just a few of my favorites from the weekend.

May 5, 2010

closing time

"every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end."  -semisonic

last week, we closed on our first home - yippee!  we will be moving, and relocating at the end of this month to windermere, fl.  that's right, we will be the winds of windermere!  i am stoked to finally be able to paint walls, decorate and make a place our own.  i am so excited for the boys to have a backyard, and year-round sunshine to play in.

as much as i hate to admit it, connecticut has been good to us.  todd and i started our married life here.  our boys were born here.  there has been so many of life's huge changes that took place, here in stamford, ct.

so, i thought i'd take a look back at this new beginnings end...

 we have been fortunate to have family here in the area to depend on for shelter, not just once, but twice.  we lived with todd's aunt and uncle for a month when we first moved up here and again when we were in between condos.  they have been very kind to us over the years...

then we moved into a 2 family home on neil lane.  we lived there for 2 years.  it was actually a pretty cool apartment, but man, did it have stairs!

neil lane was home to our first born, jack.  this apartment was a two bedroom, however, they were on two different floors.  so, for the first couple months of jack's life, he shared a bedroom - and a bed, little booger - with his parents.

as you can see, we very quickly grew out of this apartment!  jack's baby things more or less too over and we needed more space.  and bedrooms that were on the same floor...

our next place was on bridge street.  jack had a great bedroom of his own right next to mommy and daddy's.  we also had a really nice finished basement that held lots of jack's toys.

jack had all of his first in this townhouse.  first solids, first walking, first was his place of growth.  but once again...we grew out of it.  we only lived here for one year but we needed more space!

then we moved to our final place here in ct, summer st.  this townhouse has lots of room, and lots of floors!  yikes!  i'd have to say i've lost my baby weight because of the stairs!!!

summer st. has been ryan's first home, as well as his many firsts.  we have lived here for two years and it has suited us well.

i can not wait to join our new community and have many more firsts for us in florida!  mickey mouse...see ya real soon!!!