Feb 7, 2015

children photography processing - what the heck takes so long anyway!?

You've decided to hire me to photograph your children.  {Thank you!  I am super stoked at the opportunity!!!}

You are so excited to see the final images...but you can't imagine...what takes so long!?  I mean, doesn't she just, take the photos, upload them to her computer, and just send me a link or something?!

My background started in my college photography lab, developing film and processing the images myself on the film enlargers.  Even though I have evolved over the years to work solely in digital, I take my processing just as seriously.

I thought it would be fun to show a little before and after of an image from a recent session to help explain what goes on in the process of editing each image.

Here we have two of my favorite buddies, Caitlyn and Ryan.  Super cute all on their own, right?

But as part of being a professional photographer, it is my job to take this super cute image to the next level.

Just to name a few things: lighten dark circles under the eyes; brighten eyes; brighten shadows; whiten teeth a smidgen; and soften skin.  Unless I am doing more of an art piece, I try really hard not to do anything that isn't natural looking - I just enhance what is naturally already there with your child, but may need a tweak or two due to color cast from the surroundings.  For instance, in this photo of Caitlyn and Ryan, the whites on their bodies (eyes and teeth) had bit of a orangy cast to them because the ground behind me was mulch, and was casting orange on the light part of their bodies.

Once I do all of that, I come out with this:

This particular image was pretty easy, but sometimes color casting can be quite the booger!

Any image can take between 5-30 minutes in editing time.  Yep.  Each image.

Don't feel bad - I do love every part of my job - start to finish!  I only ask that you give this photog lady {and whoops! let's not forget mama to three!} a little patience.

Thank you Kristin for allowing me to use my favorite peeps as an example!