Apr 27, 2013

mia | windermere child photographer

these were for me.

i love my orange groves.

i hate to see them go...

possibly the last frolic in them next to a beautiful little girl.

Apr 4, 2013

past present future


anatomy scan at 20 weeks - found: transfontanelle and posterior fossa of the neonatal brain

birth - mild vermis hypoplasia, moderate-to-normal amount of the cermis tissue present

3 months old - milk sensitivity.  immediately cut off all dairy out of my diet.

18 months - this is a big one and a giant fail on my part: i remember this so vividly.  i had both jack and ryan in the doc office for ryan's regular check up.  i had to fill out the 18 month m-chat because i had forgotten to fill it out at home.  ryan was all over the place, and i was trying to get him to do things on the test and rush at the same time.  "does your child look you in the eye for more than a second or two?"  lied.  "does your child seem oversensitive to noise?" lied. "does your child say simple two word phrases, such as 'bye bye' or uh oh?" lied.  for sure, nothing was wrong with my child, and i was too busy to think about it further or to question myself. fail.

22 months - tested at early steps for speech.  missed the therapy mark by 2 points.

just passed 3 years - diagnosed with sensory seeking and low muscle tone.  immediately started ot.

3 years and 11 month - diagnosed by a neuropsychologist with asperger's disorder, developmental coordination disorder and adhd


4 years 6 months - screened for autism spectrum disorder

met with a social therapist, starting therapy immediately


evaluation for autism spectrum disorder to get his "number" on the spectrum

lab tests for vitamin d status, thyroid study, serum iron, serum zinc, copper status, total IgE and IgG subclasses

hearing test

evaluation for an IEP.