Jan 24, 2011

i heart faces - innocent wonder

this week's photo challenge is innocent wonder.

i decided on a photo of my little friend gabe.  we were discussing in depth the plot of toy story 3.

his mind opened up and our conversation became a novel of events through out the movie.

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Jan 22, 2011

22 weeks and one day

and he's the size of a papaya.

poor little guy.  mommy's been so busy taking care of his older brothers that sometimes she forgets that he's growing by leaps and bounds.

and then i look down in my lap, and there he is.  luke.  my number 3.

i love you luke.  mommy hasn't forgotten about you.

Jan 18, 2011

my jack bud

it's hard for me to think that my little boy is a four year old.  where did the time go?

i love catching him in play.  he has the best imagination.

Jan 17, 2011

it's all about the princesses - an afternoon at epcot

there's just something about a little girl, meeting her favorite princesses for the first time, that is just...charming.

i love this - she was showing us her kiss that belle gave her.

Jan 15, 2011

afternoon at the magic kingdom

i love seeing kids in the magic kingdom for their first trip.  it's so...magical.  and there was no exception for amelia.

what's more exciting?  watching the train arrive or playing at the play area in mickey's toon town fair?

i think the play area won.

my son thought he was a little stud puppy.

very relaxing train ride.

goofball jack enjoying a ride on the prince charming carrousel.

seeing all of her favorites in the celebrate today parade.

riding the monorail.

Jan 11, 2011

such a cutie!


the daddy in these photographs, and my husband, have been friends since my husband was four years old.


his family recently visited us, and i had the fantastic opportunity to capture their smiles and laughter.  not to mention their insanely adorable 22 month old.

thank you sarah, patrick and amelia for spending such a fun week with us!!!

Jan 6, 2011

my boys - outtakes

recently, my husband and i took the boys to disney's coronado springs resort to take some photos for our new years card.

here are two shots that didn't make the cut, but still make me laugh.

daddy was trying to show the boys - well, ryan mainly - how to do a "#1."  jack has it down, but ryan looks more confused...

this was at the end of shooting...they wanted nothing to do with mommy's camera any more.  jack was looking for a nap.

Jan 3, 2011

best face of the year - central florida children and family photographer

i heart faces wants to know which face, of all the faces i saw this past year, was the best.


that is more than tough.

so i went through the catalog of photos, which was nice to remember each session, and getting to know each client, and made a very tough decision.

this is the one that i chose...

it melts by heart.

maybe because i have two boys, with another on the way.

maybe because there's nothing like a mama's love.

maybe because matthew is just so stinkin' cute!

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