Feb 27, 2010

these guys just crack me up

my boys.  they make me laugh - most of the time.  let's be honest, every mom has moments that your child does something that causes your head to spin.  but so does my husband.  and he's still around.  :)  but i'd say the majority of the time, i laugh at the things that the boys do and...i think i'll keep 'em.

jack had been sick, as i had been too, and was on the mend.  daddy was in the process of getting it, and was napping on couch.  jack got up on daddy's lap, lopped over, and fell asleep.  stomach bugs really wear a guy out.

this guy...oh, this guy.  he really wanted to reach the gel hearts i had up on the window - and eat them.  he found a little sitting stool from somewhere else in the house, took it over to the window, and climbed up.  of course i had to grab my camera before telling him to get down.  then i proceeded to hide said sitting stool.

i am not a snow person.  hence, we are moving to sunny florida this summer.  however, we just got smacked with a bunch of snow and i was beginning to feel a little guilty that i wasn't taking the boys out to play in it for my own selfish reasons.  so, a compromise.  i brought the snow in.

jack was shocked that it tasted cold too.

ryan had a great time playing with the snow!

he was filled with giggled the whole time.

caught.  ryan was trying to climb up, to stand on top of his little car, to reach what?  the gel hearts of course.  this was right after he slipped, luckily landing to sit on the car.

Feb 23, 2010

i heart faces - hands

this is my entry for this weeks iheartfaces contest.  i was actually trying to take a shot of my son's cute little buns while he sat on the potty because I love the toddler chub.  jack wanted his privacy and covered his toosh.  teeheehee.  i imagine myself showing this to his friends and loved ones on his wedding day, as part of a long slideshow of memories.  :)  sorry jack!

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Feb 19, 2010

Fix - It Friday

Here are my two versions of the picture of Emma for iheartfaces' weekly fun contest.

For this one, I first did some color correcting in RAW, and then decided to try out some of my new textures from Flora Bella Collection.  I used Ocean Heiress and Peaches and Cream.  LOVE the collection from Flora Bella.  The textures just take the photos to that extra step up.

For the second one, same thing, did some correcting in RAW, and then I used a filter from Topaz Labs  called Portrait Drama - one of my all time faves.

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Feb 15, 2010

A Trip with a Colonial Touch

My brother and sister in law live in South Carolina.  We wanted to get together with them for President's Day Weekend, but meeting somewhere that was still within driving distance for both of us.  We decided on Williamsburg, VA.  Here are some shots from the trip.

A tree next to the church in Colonial Williamsburg.  (That's my SIL through the gate.)  :)

Caught canoodling.

Using my awesome coffee coozie, made by Julie!

This shot is a tricky one, with no tricks coming from me.  Ryan and his TWO reflections...

The boys REALLY enjoyed the tub with the "waterfall."

Feb 10, 2010

Stuck in the House

As most of the northeast is, we have been stuck in the house due to a whole lot of that awful white stuff.  So, more than ever, I find myself picking up my camera, just to see what I can see...

The best thing about a snow day is that Daddy was unable to make it into the city today to get to work.  What do we get when Daddy is home?  Mickey Pancakes!!!  Jack and Mommy get theirs with chocolate chips, while Daddy and Ryan prefer blueberries...as you can see.

My once non-cuddler Ryan, has become a cuddle-all-the-timer.  He loves to be up in our laps, staying warm under blankets, often times being read to.  (Usually either Friends Forever or Smash Trash.)

As innocent as this one seems, Jack knew he could get my attention if he was being sweet to his brother. He was right.  Ryan was content with the unexpected closeness of Jack.

Sharing his Buzz lollipop.

Another kiss to please Mommy.  Gosh, I love that kid.

Jack thinks it's the coolest thing ever to have a different color tongue.

This is his, "I'm about to do something I'm not suppose to" look.  Gets me every time....how am I suppose to be mad at this face???

Feb 8, 2010

I Heart Faces Photo Challenge

My most favorite two little men to kiss, my boys, Jack and Ryan.  Just love them.


Feb 4, 2010

You are What You Read

I have read a lot of photo blogs today.  When that happens, I can't help but to pick up my camera and make my poor children victims of my reading once again.

Just another day in the Wind household.

They look like they are waiting in the doctors office.  Next patient!

Such expression in such a little face.

There must have been something shiny and tiny on the floor.

Ryan always is more interested in what Jack has vs what he has.  The life of a little brother.

You know when someone describes someone else's eyes as the color of the ocean?  Jack's eyes really are the color of the ocean, and just as deep.