Feb 10, 2010

Stuck in the House

As most of the northeast is, we have been stuck in the house due to a whole lot of that awful white stuff.  So, more than ever, I find myself picking up my camera, just to see what I can see...

The best thing about a snow day is that Daddy was unable to make it into the city today to get to work.  What do we get when Daddy is home?  Mickey Pancakes!!!  Jack and Mommy get theirs with chocolate chips, while Daddy and Ryan prefer blueberries...as you can see.

My once non-cuddler Ryan, has become a cuddle-all-the-timer.  He loves to be up in our laps, staying warm under blankets, often times being read to.  (Usually either Friends Forever or Smash Trash.)

As innocent as this one seems, Jack knew he could get my attention if he was being sweet to his brother. He was right.  Ryan was content with the unexpected closeness of Jack.

Sharing his Buzz lollipop.

Another kiss to please Mommy.  Gosh, I love that kid.

Jack thinks it's the coolest thing ever to have a different color tongue.

This is his, "I'm about to do something I'm not suppose to" look.  Gets me every time....how am I suppose to be mad at this face???

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