Mar 7, 2014

tips on what to wear

first things first - don't panic.  after all - it's just clothes!

having said that, putting a little thought into to it can really take your photos to the next level.

a few things that can help you decide what to wear for your next session...

keep in mind where you are shooting - a little theming can go a long way, and really pull everything together.

there are such adorable little things for girls these days.  start with her outfit, and then pull colors together from it for everyone else.  again, keep in mind where you are being photographed so everything has the same flow.

everyone matching is not necessary!  bright, bold colors against a monochromatic background, can be very effective and really make everyone's faces light up.

using the background, along with a family heirloom can always help.  grandma's quilt can make a great prop, and starter for choosing colors.

pinterest is my best friend!  i searched "family of 5" and got this great color combo.  i knew i wanted something somewhat neutral, as i knew i wanted a lot of sunset backlight.

another great example of considering the location.

sometimes it more tough with boys clothing, as they aren't as many accessories for boys than girls.  but have fun with it!  my boys think it's fun to dress like daddy.  :)