Sep 30, 2010

ryan - 2 weeks from 2 - stephanie wind photography & design - orlando children portrait photographer

in 2 weeks, my littlest guy will turn 2.

he has become such an amazing little boy, although he definitely keeps me on my toes!  i couldn't imagine my life without my little ry guy.

who wouldn't love this slobbery, chocolatey, sweet face!?

Sep 28, 2010

the signature of a mama

bad roots.  desperately need of a haircut.  no make up.  chapped lips.  exhausted.

can you tell that i am not the main priority in my life?

and i wouldn't have it any other way.

Sep 21, 2010

the older woman - stephanie wind photography & design - orlando children photographer

it was the first day of school.

he was going into 3 year old preschool, and she was going into kindergarten.

he was so happy to see her before school, and even more, to stand next to her for a photo or two.

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Sep 14, 2010

we still have the beach

the beach of disney's polynesian resort that is.

summer may be over, but it is still a very warm september for us.

and the boys love to run on the beach, and chase the ducks.  :)

going out to the point to get a closer look of the castle.

possibly my newest favorite of ry-b.

running free, owning the beach.

Sep 13, 2010

i heart faces photo challenge - places to go

my son is constantly on the go.

on this particlar morning, i was racing outside to document a gator being exacted from the pond in our neighborhood.

yes.  a gator.  the joys of living in florida.

ryan followed me out with hat and crocs on, his usual attire for almost anytime.  don't worry, i was using my telephoto, so we weren't planning on getting too close.  :)

ryan went back in the house to get his pooh car.

i guess he thought if he wanted to get there quick, pooh car was going to do the job better over his 23 month old legs.

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Sep 7, 2010

summer of love

this summer for my family and me was about getting familiar with our new surroundings and just enjoying some fun with each other.  we did a lot of exploring and getting out in the great outdoors of florida.

1. disney's contemporary resort - shot with my canon 30d with my 50mm 1.8

2. daddy teaching jack how to golf on our back porch - shot with my canon 30d with my 50mm 1.8

3. neighbor friend's backyard - iphone camera using shakeitphoto

4. cocoa beach - shot with my canon 30d with my 50mm 1.8

5. disney's hollywood studios meeting lightning mcqueen and mater - shot with my canon 30d with my 50mm 1.8

6. dr phillips park splash pad - canon 30d using my 70-200mm

7. strike city bowl, just my husband and me, for his birthday - iphone using hipstamatic

8. our backyard with the bugs - canon 30d using my 70-200mm

9. our backyard - canon 30d with my 18-55mm kit

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