Sep 13, 2010

i heart faces photo challenge - places to go

my son is constantly on the go.

on this particlar morning, i was racing outside to document a gator being exacted from the pond in our neighborhood.

yes.  a gator.  the joys of living in florida.

ryan followed me out with hat and crocs on, his usual attire for almost anytime.  don't worry, i was using my telephoto, so we weren't planning on getting too close.  :)

ryan went back in the house to get his pooh car.

i guess he thought if he wanted to get there quick, pooh car was going to do the job better over his 23 month old legs.

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  1. The best mode of transportation for a toddler! Cute :)

  2. So precious. Of course a pooh car is super fast!!

  3. Oh I love this photo! Such a cute kiddo and I love dad's legs in the background. Great shot!