Sep 14, 2010

we still have the beach

the beach of disney's polynesian resort that is.

summer may be over, but it is still a very warm september for us.

and the boys love to run on the beach, and chase the ducks.  :)

going out to the point to get a closer look of the castle.

possibly my newest favorite of ry-b.

running free, owning the beach.

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  1. I'm so glad you commented on my hatching butterflies because a computer problem caused me to lose all my favorite blogs to visit. I am jealous of your September photos. Our weather turned so quickly here in Wisconsin that I miss summer already. It is quite cool and the days seem so much shorter. How fun to be able to play on a beach alone like that! I love your iheartfaces entry this time too. Take care, enjoy the fall days with your boys.