Oct 30, 2012

cohen + aubrie

some of the most beautiful siblings i've ever photographed.


Oct 25, 2012

pearls...a guys best friend?

a very sweet mama of a beautiful little client of mine requested a string of pearls for her daughters next session.

we don't own pearls in this house.  period.

not even me!  so, off to the craft store i went to make a cute set of pearls.  i had a great idea in my head.


because we do not have pearls in our house, you can probably guess that we are lacking little females as well.

enter stage right, jack.  my trooper.  what a sport.

i give you jack, my pearl model.

it's also good blackmail for later on...

Oct 6, 2012

many me :: windermere, fl lifestyle photographer

many me.

do you ever wish sometimes that there were more than one of you?

faith believer.  wife.  mommy to a kindergartner.  mommy to a preschooler.  mommy to a busy one year old.  photographer.  graphic designer.  housekeeper.

there are not enough hours in the day and sometimes you have to battle which role has the priority.

church vs work.  wife vs graphic designer.  mommy vs photographer.  and i'm sorry to say, housekeeper never takes priorities.

faith and family are most important - but sometimes work has to take a priority to provide for family.  most recently for me, paying for my son's therapy has become top of the list.

i am lucky that i enjoy my job.  that i am good at my job.  my job allows to me try things like this:

all of my roles - all in one room.  it's very rewarding to see everything that i do.

because sometimes, like most moms, i feel like i am not enough.  that i can not do it all.

to see it all at once, it let's me know that i'm doing ok.