Jun 29, 2010

mom & dad

dear mom and dad,

i want to thank you for everything that you both did for us on your visit to our new home.  you both gave so much on this trip...love, care, wisdom...you left me once again feeling like the luckiest person in the world. mom, the way that you always do, stepping in and taking care of the boys - the boys and i are all better people for it!  you are so great at teaching the boys new things, and in general having a lot of fun with them.  dad, where do i begin!?  all the hard work you put into my house has helped to make it even more of a home.  also, the way that you taught the boys so many new things...passing on your knowledge of how the world works.

i feel so honored and blessed to call you my parents, as well as my children's grandparents.  you both are amazing people and i can only aspire to be as great as the both of you.

i love you!

the boys playing in the tent that gam got at ikea.

jack insisted that everyone get in the tent.

pa showing the boys some cool stuff.

jack really needed a bigger bowl for his popcorn.

waiting to go into the spooky scary house - aka - the haunted mansion.

walking around the magic kingdom.

Jun 25, 2010

the boys

i feel like in the past couple of weeks, they have grown so much, especially ryan.

my parents were in town and we went into downtown winter garden for ice cream, and checked out the old cars and such while there.

Jun 15, 2010

i heart faces "babies" challenge

i'm going to miss seeing this little guy growing up in person!  thank goodness for facebook!  :)

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Jun 11, 2010

windermere orlando photographer - i'm a disney freak

that's right - a disney freak.  and so are the rest of my wonderful family.  my husband and i met in orlando, fl 6 years ago, as i was working for walt disney world at the time, and he had just finished an internship there.  we simply love it.  and it's not just the characters and the "kids stuff" as people tend to call it, but it's just the entire atmosphere that makes it such a special place.

so it is only fitting that we have recently moved back to orlando.

the boys and i have started an exploration of sorts...to get out and see what we can see...to try to discover parts of walt disney world that most do not know.  and we are going to document it.

our first little jaunt was to disney's wilderness lodge.  i would like to share with you what i saw there through my lens.

the outside of the resort, gorgeous flowers line the walkways.

the very large lamps that hang in the lobby that resemble upside down teepees.

the boys enjoyed walking over the bridge in the resort lobby over looking the little creek.

jack and his applesauce, at the roaring fork cafe.

love the blue bells everywhere.

ryan loved the outdoors.

jack on the beach of the resort.

beach over looking the lake.

from the beach, you can see disney's contemporary resort.

bikes for rental.  i'm excited to do this with the boys when they are tall enough to pedal!  :)

walking out toward the docks.

boat ride to the magic kingdom.

view of disney's grand floridian resort and spa from the boat ride.

and there she is, cinderella castle.

Jun 7, 2010

week 23 - play photo challenge

this just might be one of my most favorite family photos ever.  little ethan playing with his mama and daddy's pig-toes.  so sweet!

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Jun 3, 2010

6 months later - orlando child photographer

i love the chance to see my clients again.  i love to see how their children have changed - especially little ones in their first year.  my goodness how they change!  i love all of the developments that take place: crawling, walking, talking...life is so amazing and i love to watch it happen.

here is little matthew and his mama when he was two months old:

and here he is six months later, at eight months!  he's just awesome.  his eyes have only become more beautiful and he has personality plus!