Jan 30, 2015

let's talk about family

This year, I am committing more time to my family.  Part of that commitment is taking more photos of them on a daily basis.

It's the same for every photographer: we take lots of photographs of our clients - making tons of memories last and time stand still for others...but we somehow forget to do the same for our own family.

I joined Shoot 2015 this year, and am taking photos of my children every day.  I have really enjoyed this first month, and look forward to the rest of the year.

Here is my favorite photo from this months journey on composition:

Jan 20, 2015

7 of my current fave photogs

I love looking to these ladies for inspiration!  Check out their fabulous work.








Jan 5, 2015

before, mid and after. the holden man at 3!

As artists' careers are just like any other career, we too must learn and grow.

Because of this, styles tend to change: due to trends and due to knowledge.

Here is the Holden man over two years ago, straight out of camera.

Here is the same photo edited right after the session.

And here is how I have re-edited it recently.