Feb 22, 2011

sunset wagon rides - lifestyle photographer orlando

sometimes...sometimes, i am without my dslr.

i know.  super hard to believe.

but those times happen and of course i get mad at myself when i see a moment that i don't want to forget.

this was one of those times.

good thing i had my trusty iphone with me!

here are some other pretty cool phone camera shots.

Feb 20, 2011

is this going to make me fat? - lifestyle photography orlando


but i don't care.  i'm totally giving into my pregnancy cravings on this one.

i saw this recipe from buns in my oven -  my very favorite recipe blog - and knew that i had to try them!

and they did not disappoint!  probably the very best little treat i've had in a long time.

thank you karly, from buns in my oven, for the deliciousness!

now, go make your own!

Feb 3, 2011

sweet idea - windermere lifestyle photographer

so our not-so-new anymore house is still very bland looking on the inside.  we moved in may of last year - it's so odd to call 2010 "last year."  lots of windows without curtains.  lots of walls yet to be painted.  i'm told this sort of thing takes time, but oy, it doesn't mean it's any easier to look at!

i found this fabulous idea from paislee press and i knew exactly where i wanted it to go.  our office is in the front room of our house, typically the formal living room.  the way that our house is laid out, it is the room that you are spilled into as soon as you walk in the front door.

i had been wanting to do something in this space to reflect both my family and my photography.  when i saw paislee press' fantastic idea of a tile collage, i knew that it was the very thing that i needed in this space.

i chose some images of clients, some of friends, and some of family.  some are the photos themselves, and some are more of a designed layout form.

i love it.

the cool little feature that i chose to do, is use corner mounts.  that way i can replace the photos over time as i find new ones that i want to stare at - which i'm afraid will happen often.  :)


shown at the bottom, is my awesome printer that i used to print all of these tiles.

Feb 1, 2011

a day at the beach, in february - orlando area lifestyle photographer

we may not have perfect lives, but we still have plenty to be thankful for.

i wake up every day, especially these past couple of weeks, and thank God we are no longer living in the northeast.  knowing what we could be dealing with in terms of weather, makes me ecstatic to be living here in florida.

so, we decided to take advantage of another awesome "winter" day, and head to the beach.

no, we did not get in the ocean - ok, some of us did - those of us less than 4 feet tall thought it would be a good idea...

watching my boys run around in the sand was more than enough reason for me to be thankful for what we have and where we are.

the photo of the four of us, courtesy of my sister in law, elizabeth.