Feb 3, 2011

sweet idea - windermere lifestyle photographer

so our not-so-new anymore house is still very bland looking on the inside.  we moved in may of last year - it's so odd to call 2010 "last year."  lots of windows without curtains.  lots of walls yet to be painted.  i'm told this sort of thing takes time, but oy, it doesn't mean it's any easier to look at!

i found this fabulous idea from paislee press and i knew exactly where i wanted it to go.  our office is in the front room of our house, typically the formal living room.  the way that our house is laid out, it is the room that you are spilled into as soon as you walk in the front door.

i had been wanting to do something in this space to reflect both my family and my photography.  when i saw paislee press' fantastic idea of a tile collage, i knew that it was the very thing that i needed in this space.

i chose some images of clients, some of friends, and some of family.  some are the photos themselves, and some are more of a designed layout form.

i love it.

the cool little feature that i chose to do, is use corner mounts.  that way i can replace the photos over time as i find new ones that i want to stare at - which i'm afraid will happen often.  :)


shown at the bottom, is my awesome printer that i used to print all of these tiles.


  1. hi Stephanie!
    LOVE this - I may have to piggy back on this idea!
    hope you are all doing well :-)

  2. Great idea! Yes, I will definitely have to do this as well! Thanks for sharing!

  3. This is such a great idea. I use the clip frames that are pretty reasonable too. Just a few weeks ago I ordered a few with a winter theme...I guess if we are going to have snow, we might as well celebrate it!
    I'm so glad you left a comment on my blog today. In December, my computer crashed...twice. We backed up my photos, but I lost my list of favorites...the sites I enjoyed visiting most. I didn't realize all the connections I had enjoyed. Your blog site was one of them...thanks for reconnecting! I love your photos! And now I back up my favorites too!