Feb 28, 2012

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Nutritional and Easy Homemade Baby Foods your Little One will Love

Serve fresh, mashed with a touch of garlic salt. If you’re feeling fancy, add finely diced tomatoes.

One cup contains more protein than a tablespoon of peanut butter! Steam or boil until tender and puree. Tastes wonderful with steamed and pureed carrots as well!

Many varieties are perfect for one of baby’s first foods. Roast until tender, puree and voila! Stir in some applesauce and a pinch of cinnamon for a delicious dish.

Peaches and Pears
You can use fresh or canned peaches and pears. Simply slice, mash and serve for a yummy treat any time.

Remember – You should always consult your pediatrician about all dietary choices for your baby. Be sure to allow a week after you introduce a new food, before you introduce another. Use clean hands and utensils when preparing baby food, and be sure that foods are at a comfortable temperature before giving them to your baby.

Bon’ appetite!

Feb 21, 2012

Clean for Spring…

First, go through your house in sections. Go through all the bedrooms. Gather clothes, toys and housewares that are no longer being used. This is also a great time to store winter clothes and get out warmer weather clothes. Then do the office, kitchen, storage and garage. Organize as you go. Once you have done that, sell anything you can through consignment stores, have a yard sale or donate it to Salvation Army or Goodwill.

Use your sale money to hire someone to deep clean your house, OR…

Start high and go low. Do the upstairs rooms first, then go down. Start with walls, shelves and fixtures and then do the floors. This is a great time of year to target tile, crown molding, ceiling fans, baseboards, blinds, windows, screens, doors, light switches and out of the way corners and nooks.

Be sure to dust and clean your picture frames. If the glass needs to be polished, be sure to remove it from the frame to avoid damaging your portraits. Use a clean, cotton cloth and some glass cleaner. For dusting, use furniture polish or a damp cloth. This can really extend the life of these products and make them look new.

Move furniture to get everything clean and then steam your carpets or clean and wax hardwood floors. Have your grout cleaned, either professionally or rent a steamer and do it yourself. For smaller areas, grout can even be cleaned by hand with some rubber gloves, grout cleaner and a sturdy brush.

Change your home’s air filter. You’ll be amazed how much dust and dirt can build up over the winter.

This is a great time to check your smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors. Replace batteries, if needed.

Pressure wash your decks, driveway, and even your home’s siding, if needed.

If you have a pool, have it cleaned and stock up on chemicals and a water-testing kit.

Fertilize and irrigate your lawn. Prune trees and shrubbery and get ready for any spring gardening you might want to do.

Remember – This doesn’t have to be a one-person job. Recruit children, husbands and friends to help you get this done. A neighborhood yard sale is one way to make cleaning and de-cluttering fun. This also doesn’t have to be a one day or even one week process. Take your time, make a to do list and check things off when you can. The finished result will be worth the effort!

Feb 14, 2012

stephanie wind photography’s Favorite Date Ideas—Perfect for Valentine’s (or any) Day

Find a tranquil outdoor setting and bring an air mattress, hammock or some reclining chairs. For an unforgettable time, mark your calendar for the next big meteor shower and get ready to make some wishes! Bring a nice bottle of wine and ask 20 questions while you gaze. Make your own constellation.

Scavenger Hunt
Whether it’s throughout your house or throughout the whole city, make a scavenger hunt for your love and help them follow the clues to a picnic or dinner at a nice restaurant.

Row, Row, Row your Boat
Rent a row boat and take a few leisurely spins around a lake. Timeless romance. Sigh…

Go to a Game
Get tickets to a home game and tailgate together. Wear team jerseys and be super fans together.

Play Strip Poker
And let them win a few games!

Get Fresh
Go to an orchard or berry farm and pick some fresh fruit to enjoy together. Bring a nice bottle of champagne (of course) to reward yourselves for your efforts. Find a nice spot to plant a tree together. Go back and carve your names in it on an anniversary or special occasion down the road.

Be Adventurous
Go bungee jumping, skydiving, rock climbing, anything out of your comfort zone. You’ll get a great adrenaline rush and wonderful memories with your loved one.

Dance the Night Away
Take a dance class and then go to a nice dinner afterwards.

Volunteer Together
Find a common interest and donate some time together. Visit a nursing home for a monthly bingo night, help out at a food bank, visit children in the hospital or clean up a trail or park.

Hope this list helps your imagination run wild. Get out there and spend some quality time with the one you love!

Feb 7, 2012

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with these extra-sweet crafts and treats!

Valentine Pancakes
Just use an empty condiment bottle and some pancake batter—delicious and so yummy! Add strawberries and whip cream for a special touch. (Don’t forget to mix in some love. That’s very important.)


Pillowbox Alligator Valentine
This adorable do-it-yourself valentine can be downloaded for free and filled with candy.


Heart and Lollipop Flowers
A fun and simple gift—perfect for school valentine exchanges!


Crayon Heart Valentines
These gifts are candy-free, adorably sweet and easy to make too!


Red Velvet Sandwich Cookies
Use a heart shape for fun twist on this decadent treat.


Happy Valentine’s Day from everyone at stephanie wind photography!

Feb 6, 2012

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