Jun 29, 2010

mom & dad

dear mom and dad,

i want to thank you for everything that you both did for us on your visit to our new home.  you both gave so much on this trip...love, care, wisdom...you left me once again feeling like the luckiest person in the world. mom, the way that you always do, stepping in and taking care of the boys - the boys and i are all better people for it!  you are so great at teaching the boys new things, and in general having a lot of fun with them.  dad, where do i begin!?  all the hard work you put into my house has helped to make it even more of a home.  also, the way that you taught the boys so many new things...passing on your knowledge of how the world works.

i feel so honored and blessed to call you my parents, as well as my children's grandparents.  you both are amazing people and i can only aspire to be as great as the both of you.

i love you!

the boys playing in the tent that gam got at ikea.

jack insisted that everyone get in the tent.

pa showing the boys some cool stuff.

jack really needed a bigger bowl for his popcorn.

waiting to go into the spooky scary house - aka - the haunted mansion.

walking around the magic kingdom.


  1. Such wonderful photos, your parents look like they are having as much fun as the kids! Great memories!

  2. I Love the setting for this photo session!