Feb 4, 2010

You are What You Read

I have read a lot of photo blogs today.  When that happens, I can't help but to pick up my camera and make my poor children victims of my reading once again.

Just another day in the Wind household.

They look like they are waiting in the doctors office.  Next patient!

Such expression in such a little face.

There must have been something shiny and tiny on the floor.

Ryan always is more interested in what Jack has vs what he has.  The life of a little brother.

You know when someone describes someone else's eyes as the color of the ocean?  Jack's eyes really are the color of the ocean, and just as deep.


  1. love it! those eyes are KILLER!

  2. They really are just as deep, he is such a sweet man. Love that Jack! I also can't get over Ryan and his Tank-ness :) Great pics as usual, I would expect nothing less!