Jan 30, 2010

Snow Days

Sadly, my two little loves are sick with bronchitis.  My youngest, Ryan, is requiring breathing treatments.  It hurts so much to see him so weak, knowing that I can't fix it NOW.  He's normally my tough guy.

For the most part, we are spending our days, laying around, watching movies.  My oldest, Jack, who is already feeling much better, has no complaints for the lounging.

These shots were taken a day or two before they got sick.  Just two boys, having a little morning fun, playing with their cars.

The snow is falling...

Finding fun anywhere

Surprised to fit "Queen" fit on the Flyboat

Running the trains along the windowsill

I love Jack's morning hair spikedies

This is the face Ryan makes when he makes his car roaring noises

"Mommy, it's 'reeree' cold outside"

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