Mar 12, 2010

michael oliver turns one - stamford connecticut portrait photographer - stephanie wind photography & design

this little man turned one yesterday...

it's been a lot of fun being around to watch ollie grow up in the past year.  his mama and i met when our eldest, who are now close to 3.5 years old, were only six months old!  since then, we have helped each other through pregnancies and births...and now both our youngest are one!
our good friends invited us over for ollie's birthday celebration last night.  here are a few of my faves from ollie's special day...

very cute cake that ollie's mommy made for her little prince.

ollie just started walking a couple of weeks ago!  he has a big sister to keep up with, and boy does he ever!

tasty toys

kiss from big sister

enjoying every bit of his cake!

mommy got him all cleaned up - he even had cake in his hair!  that's how you know he had a good time!

thanks friends for inviting us!  happy birthday again to ollie!!!

i can't wait to take his one year shots!!!


  1. What a cute birthday shirt!!! Where did yo get it?

  2. This is my friend's son, and she got it at Carters. :)