Mar 24, 2011

a family kind of weekend

when my husband first met, one common ground between us was very clear - we both came from families that really enjoyed being with one another.

since we have moved to florida, we have been blessed with many family visits (who doesn't want to visit sunny orlando???)

this weekend was one of those times - and we loved every minute of it.

my mom was in town for a week.  we celebrated her birthday while she was here.  the boys love having gammie around, and see what fun things she comes up with to play.  i of course love having my mom around, she keeps me grounded.

when we lived in connecticut, i helped care for todd's cousins while their parents were working.  because of this, my boys grew quite close to natalie and regan.  jack saw them pretty much every day of his little life until we moved.  it's been kind of hard for him to live so far away from his "big sisters."  the time that he had with them this weekend was so special to him.

todd's brother and his wife have been living down here as well for the past 5 months.  they moved back to colorado on tuesday.  it has been awesome having them live so close and we are still coping with the idea that we won't be able to see them whenever we want.  we will miss them so very much.  the "wind" family weekend would not have been the same without them here.

my cousin and his family live in tampa, and they just so happened to be in epcot the same day we were!  it was neat to meet up with them and have our kids play together for a little bit.

now our house is empty.  we will just have to wait until our next visitors come along.

until then - we'll just soak up the florida sunshine that brought us down to this great place.

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