Sep 22, 2011

windermere orlando family photographer - what should we wear?

i often have clients ask during a consultation...what should we wear???

my rule of thumb is simple: you don't have to match, just coordinate, and try not to clash.  :)

if you have one family members outfit chosen, you can usually choose colors from that outfit for other members of the family.

here are some of my recent clients, who are all excellent examples of coordinating clothing.

the anderson family went with pale blues, white and khaki

maddy's mama picked out this cute little outfit for her and then chose the green leaf in it as a color for alex

the dekorne family looked dashing in greys, yellows and whites

this mama said she started with her oldest daughters pink dress and went from there

pinks, navy and white

the popick family looked great in shades of blue with a splash of red

rebecca's mom started with the little one's dress, and picked out the green in it for mama and daddy's clothing

remember, it's not the clothing that people will be looking at - but the people's faces in them!  don't stress!  :)

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