Aug 6, 2012


i had this great idea: i wanted to do my son's cake smash at the magic kingdom.

on main street.

in front of the confectionary.


it didn't happen.  {sigh}

time.  heat.  time.  more heat.  all factors involved.  and here we are.  the poor dude is 14 months old, and still no cake smash.  i don't think he's completely as broken up about it as i am.

my husband said, why are you so upset about it?  it's not like you did that for the other two?

true. but - luke's the last.  the baby.  i wanted it to be special.

so - i got a different idea: a sweet treat for all three in front of the confectionary.  after all, the whole family is just a bunch of disney dorks and it would be cute just the same.

we make our way to the confectionary on main street u.s.a.  get in line to let each little guy pick out something fun to munch on.  enter stage right: krissie, from south bend, in.  she took to my boys, especially ryan, as she has a son named ryan who gave her a grandson.  she asked each of them what they would like.  jack chose a chocolate mickey cake pop, ryan chose a vanilla cake pop; and mommy and daddy chose a vanilla for luke.  she went in the back, and came back with our requests.  she told us to have a great time and enjoy our treats.


disney magic.

that's what sets disney apart from any other place in the world.

the photos turned out exactly the way i wanted.  my boys, enjoying their mickey treats, in front of the sweetest of shops.

i went back in, and showed krissie the photos.  she was genuinely thankful for me sharing them.  now that's disney magic.  taking an interest in their guests.

thank you krissie, for helping me see my dream become a reality.

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