Jan 3, 2013

not just a weather condition | windermere, fl | silhouettes

i saw this amazing holiday photo by a favorite photog of mine.  you can see it here.

it's beautiful.  and it says so much without facial emotion.

i wanted to try something similar.  i got an idea in my head and had to see it through now.

the first attempt was not good.

although i love this image from the set up.

my cut out letters were too flimsy and with the tree in the background, it was really hard to see the boys, especially luke.

the second attempt was not any better.  i bought wooden letters, which were much better than the paper ones, but the location near my home was not ideal.  still too many trees.

although, i love this image too - luke's walk reminds me of a beatles album.  ;)

so - i knew what i had to do.  go to my field.

the hubs by this point was kind of done entertaining my wild ideas, so i knew it was just me and the boys.

i piled them in the car and said, look - you do this for mommy, exactly what i say, and you can have two of grandma's cookies before dinner.

well, that was all i needed to say.

we had a few distractions...

but i ended up with exactly what i wanted.

i can't wait to get it on the wall.  ;)

the boys were so good.  they even let me catch a couple of them after the letter photos.

they pleased mommy so much, they got three cookies.

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