Feb 7, 2013


as luke is approaching his 22nd month, we are rounding out the last of his firsts.

last weekend, we got his first haircut.

his little curls are gone.  but i am sure they'll be back.

another great experience for us, as we have had all three boys' hair cuts by the same barber at the magic kingdom in walt disney world.

our six year old jack was first, in 2008, while on his second trip to "the world."

ryan, our now 4 year old was next, in 2010.  by that time, we had moved down to orlando, and it was by coincidence that we got the same barber, michal.

so, when it came time to get luke's first cut, we knew we wanted michal to round out the trifecta.  by now we have made lots of friends who work for the mouse, and were able to get an insider scoop on his schedule.  :)

all three boys.  all first cuts at the most magical place on earth, by one of it's most iconic cast members.

now that's magic.

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  1. Excellent, love it, great shot of comparisions!