Mar 26, 2013

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my mind has been in a bit of a fog lately.  i truly apologize to anyone who i have been in lack of contact with.

several months ago, my son was diagnosed with aspergers.  this diagnosis wasn't scary - i was a little sad for ryan - but i knew that having this label meant that he could be eligible for help in school.

we have been going along with things - rolling with the punches of it all, and therapy has been very rewarding.

but now, here we stand.  at a crossroads.

which direction do we turn?

road 1) stay at his current preschool with those that he loves, and who love him back.  the place that he is comfortable with.  the place that we, his parents are comfortable with.  he has friends here.  people know him.  he's a rock star here.  i constantly get compliments on his beaming personality.  but - is it enough for him.  do they have the resources.  do they have the patience.  are they enough.

road 2) a new school.  a school that has the resources.  people that understand his tantrums.  other kids that understand his obsessions.  but - is he too high functioning for a place like this?  would he digress? all of this, just to again change schools the following year...

todd and i have some big decisions.  everyone keeps saying that we will make the right ones - but - what are the right ones???

recently, his preschool had a Easter hat parade.  every time i look at these snaps, it makes it even harder to consider him leaving his happy place...


  1. Pray, Pray, Pray is your momma's advise.....1 more year at St Luke's is what I am thinking....But I will pray too!

  2. Steph, I would leave him at the same school if you'll be switching him on the following year anyway. If he's been thriving and has no problems in his current school, I think it benefits him being around a school that doesn't focus on his 'problems' but rather on the solutions, on his positive traits, on what to do to make him comfortable and loved.

    On a complete different note, you should look into alternative options to help with Aspergers such as diet modification and supplements. It's really been proven to do wonders for many different types of conditions in both children and adults. There are tons of resources on the library and over the internet.

    Good luck with it all!