Jan 16, 2014

black and whites - a year of emotion

you may or may not know, but my college career started out in graphic design.

i became very discouraged, as it just wasn't what i thought it would be.

what it was, was type.  type.  TYPE.

designing bodies of text over and over and over again. (or at least that's all i felt like i was getting from it.)

the summer after my sophomore year, i chose to take one of my electives: enter: photography 101.

i fell in love.

the idea of capturing a moment.  creating a story.  the smell of the processing (oh, how i miss that smell!)  working on the enlarger.  the science of the exposure - the magic of the image appearing in the chemistry.

i loved my time in the lab.

so the next semester, i decided to take more photography classes.  and more.  and more and more.

i couldn't get enough!  the lab was the place i found myself going when i was stressed from my graphic design work, because i knew i would be totally satisfied with what i created.

before i knew it, i was only credits away from graduating with both graphic design and photography under my belt.

as my graduation gift, i received my first dslr from my parents.  the past 11 years have been awesome.  my camera and me.  i have captured my own babies growing, and made friends from clients, watching their babies grow.

my photography life started out on a 35mm camera, using black and white film.  i am still a lover of black and whites, and enjoy creating the lab processed feel in photoshop.  there's just something about black and whites that truly evoke emotion.

2013 in black and white.

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