May 15, 2015

the perfect look for headshots

As we head into headshot season, I wanted to take a moment and share some of my favorite looks for headshots.

My biggest advice is, if you are going to go for color for pop, make sure that it is complimentary to your skin tones.  Choose colors that help bring out your best features.  And if you can, try and stay clear of patterns - you want the viewer to be focused on you.

Jenny did a great job in this shot above, by choosing a great color popping statement necklace against a less vibrant top, to give a good contrast to her dark hair and eyes, but still not distracting away from her face.

Brights colors can work!  Just make sure that there is only one bright color in your outfit, and that the setting you will be in will also be clean and simple.

For children, keep it very simple.  They are not going to be wearing make up or anything to draw attention to their faces, so it's best to make sure their clothing and accessories keep the attention where it should be.

I did say to try and stay away from patterns, but, if you do use them, again, make sure they are simple and not distracting.  Jason's shirt was a good choice here as the colors were nothing shocking, and blended nicely to the background, without disappearing.

And of course, if you have questions, please just ask!  I would be happy to talk clothes choices with you!!!

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