Oct 22, 2009

Dog Sitting

Today the boys and I went over to our cousins' house to take our dog-cousin, Toby, for a walk.  Jack LOVES to do this and does not take his responsibilities lightly.  Ryan is still a little unsure of Toby, but they are becoming fast friends too.  It was a GORGEOUS day out for Fall in New England - which is a good thing.

Typical Ryan fashion, trying to catch something in his mouth of course.  I think this time it was my camera strap.

I love this shot because you can see the fuzz on his head.

Chatter box  :)

Toby and Jack just RUN.  I honestly don't know who is walking who sometimes.

You can just see the "fun" on his face.

Ryan had a good time discovering.

This is Jack saying that Toby was ready for a nap.


  1. Good thing he isn't a big dog or you really would know who is walking who!!

  2. Let us borrow Zeus and see what happens :)