Nov 14, 2009

Rainy Saturday

Today is one of those days to just sit around, and enjoy each other's company.  Talk to the Grandparents on the webcam, play with toys, watch football - well, at least for Todd.  Jack was excited that it was raining outside because the rain will wash away the bird poop on Mommy's car.  What he doesn't quite understand, is that won't happen because Mommy's car is parked in the garage.  Oh well.  :)

Here are a couple of pics from today.

We are trying to learn the alphabet in our house.  Our windows always have SOMETHING on them.  I never really thought about what it looked like from outside till we were taking a walk one day and I looked up.  I guess it just looks like a family lives here.

Always time to play with cars.

This is what happens when you are tired, and your little brother takes your car away.  A nap took place for poor Jack right after this.

I never get tired of this face.

Cooking.  Ryan was digging through the cabinets in the kitchen, making a racket and Todd asked if I just let him do what he wants.  The answer - if he is not harming himself and is happy, then yes.

Flying with Daddy.

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  1. Zak literally laughed out load, REALLY loud, at the "Do you let him do what he wants?" comment. He said he can just picture Todd asking you that question :)