Apr 1, 2014

autism awareness month | children photographer orlando florida

last year at this time, i wrote this.

this time, i don't want to write about where we've been, or where we need to go.

i just want to celebrate who my little dude is.

he's a lover, first and always.

he's beyond intelligent, more than just this mama sees.

he's passionate - black and white on every subject - all the way or nothing.  his passion is his best friend, and sometimes {only sometimes these days} his worst enemy.

he's your best friend - and when i say you, i literally mean you that is reading this.  because once you meet ryan, you have a friend for life.

so, that's all i want to say.

oh yeah - and this:

when you're out somewhere, and you see a little one that's out of sorts, and the parent is struggling, try hard not to judge.  you never know what battles they are fighting.
and if you see an adult doing something "weird" or "not right," have the same compassion you would for that small child, because he too may have the same struggles as an adult because he wasn't as privileged with early intervention as my son has been.

live with purpose; live with compassion; love all.

i asked ryan what he would like people to know about him, and he said:

tomorrow, april 2nd, is light it up blue for autism day.  if you can't give financially to help a child with autism, light it up blue tomorrow to show your support.

if you are able to donate, please do so here, and help spread awareness, and early intervention.


  1. what a great little guy you have! I'm glad to know him

  2. Ryan is one special little fella, who thinks of others before himself!!! so adorable!!!