Apr 8, 2014

my days...

have you ever felt like you get nothing accomplished in the day?

have you ever felt like there is so much to do - that your "to do" list doesn't get done?

this is me.  yep.  right here. {finger pointing at self.}

so, i decided to set my alarm on my phone one day to go off every hour, and to log what i was doing at that exact moment.

{yes, i get many weird ideas from time to time.}

here we go:

7am - wake up jack.  {ryan has been awake for almost an hour.  luke i let sleep till the last possible minute.}
8am - pile all three boys into the car.
9am - taking ryan into school.
10am - vacuuming the upstairs {lookie! lookie!  we're checking something off the list!}
11am - driving back from my church after delivering something for my husband.
12pm - picking up ryan and his buddy gavin from school.
1pm - eating lunch.
2pm - hanging frames in the dining room. {another thing from said list!}
3pm - driving jack home from school.
4pm - editing.
5pm - editing.
6pm - putting laundry away.
7pm - editing.
8pm - talking to a knights member about life insurance and wills {oy.}
9pm - working more on the dining room.
10pm - emailing a client.

after reading through my list, i felt very accomplished!

hey man!  i got a lot done!

and i learned something...more than half of my day was spent with my family - even if it was just in the car, or caring for them and our home.

my list will always be there - and more than likely it will continue to grow.  but i know there will be years that that's all i will have - a list of things to do, and an empty house.

i'll take the noise and distractions while i have them.

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