Apr 26, 2010

delicious disaster

i have been following bakerella for a couple weeks now and i have been craving to make some of her goodies, particularly her cake pops and cake balls.

this past weekend, my husband and son got into a car accident as someone ran a red light and ran right into the side of our volvo about 35 mph.  lucky for us that we drive such an extremely safe vehicle, todd and our 3 year old left the scene with only a bruise on todd's shoulder.  we are so very fortunate, and are very much counting our blessings.  however, poor "mommy's car," as jack calls it, is no longer in use and was towed away today for many weeks of repair.

so - yesterday we were car-less, outside of the two seater in the garage, and it was raining out.  what to do, what to do...after looking around in my pantry, i realized that i had a box of yellow cake mix that i had not used yet and some chocolate cake frosting.  after pulling up bakerella's recipe for cake balls, i realized i was missing quite a few of the ingredients, but thought, what the heck, i'll just make it up as i go!
some of the things that were "different" about my cake balls: we colored the cake batter green.  jack had requested blue, but we were out of blue, due to using it all up the last time jack wanted blue cake.  also, we didn't have chocolate bark.  we did have chocolate and peanut butter chips, from our saturday morning pancakes, and so we used that.  not a good idea.  terrible for the thinness needed to melt over the balls!  however, we only ended up having enough to cover about 10 of the balls anyway, so plan b took effect.  plan b was to use the orange hershey kisses leftover from easter.  these actually worked much better!  and the orange flavoring is awesome over the cake!
they might not be the prettiest things in the world, definitely not as pretty or inventive as bakerella's, but jack and i had a great time making them, and even more fun eating them!


  1. I'm so glad that you are all okay - whew.
    I have stalked Bakerella for quite some time now, and always in the back of my mind is to make those cake balls. Good for you!