Apr 24, 2010

meet photographer, jack wind

ok, so, it's just a hobby at this point, but what do you expect of a three year old???  :)  jack has shown quite a bit of interest in mommy's "big camera" lately, so i thought it would be fun to give him a logo and show off his work!

logo info: jack chose the name of his company, as well as the colors, and he wanted it to have a picture of himself on it.


jack's "bune" that he got from the yankee's game he went to with daddy.  he loves his "bune" because it's his favorite color.

ok, so what cracks me up about this one, is that when i am taking photos of ryan, most of the time he runs the other way - bad case of photographer's child syndrome.  but when his brother was photographing him, he stood there with a huge grin!

action shot of little bro playing.

i think he really "captured" the true essence of mommy in this one.  the "jack, get your finger off the lens" look.

the idea for this blog is not completely my own.  i saw this blog and thought it was the cutest thing ever!