Apr 28, 2010

a how-to with storyboards

two things led to this post: one is that i have been asked if i make my own storyboards, and two i had some snapshots of jack that i wanted on a storyboard.  so, i thought while i was putting it together, i would write this up!

hope this helps for those that are interested!

the first thing that i do is open all the images that i want on the board.

then i open a new document.  the dimensions will vary depending on the images that i am using.  this one is going to have three images that are each a square, so these are the dimensions that i chose.

next, i crop each image to be a square.

after doing this for each image, i drag each one onto the storyboard document and resize it to fit.

then I use the line tool in white to draw a line between the images.

now, if i want to use these on the internet, then i do a couple of things to get them web-ready.  the first thing would be to resize the document to 700px wide.

and then, with each image, i use the unsharp mask tool, with these settings.

and that's really it!


  1. I cannot wait to try - you make it look so easy!
    Thanks for sharing Stephanie!

  2. I'm a visual learner so appreciate your pictures. Maybe I can give this a go sometime when I have a moment!