Apr 21, 2010

where it all began... - portrait photographer stamford

we are getting ready to move.  totally excited about the move itself - florida, specifically, walt disney world, here we come!  however, the actual move portion of it, i am not too thrilled about.  ugh.  moving is so much work and i can't believe all of the stuff we have acquired in five years!

so, i have started going through some stuff.  unfortunately, i have not purged much, but it has been a nice trip down memory lane.

i found my artwork.  i have pieces ranging from elementary school art lessons to my college drawings and photographs.  so, i thought, why not post a few things, so others can see where i came from and where it all began.

i started out college as a graphic design major.  as part of the degree, i had to take photography 101 - and fell in love.  when i reached my junior year (ok, maybe not the best idea to have waited that long - my parents can attest to that) i added photography as a major as well.  lucky for me, i had taken enough photo classes that it didn't add that many years in school.  oh, side note, i spent a semester working on the disney college program - hence my immense love for the mouse.  any who, i really enjoyed my fashion class - but it was a lot of work!  i was shooting with a manual mamiya medium format camera, and it was tricky.  however, now looking back, i am so glad that i experienced the "old school" shooting.  it really makes it art.

here are three images from my fashion photography class.  the project was working with white seamless.

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