Apr 6, 2010

i'm right - stamford family photographer

easter sunday, we got together with todd's aunt and uncle, and their twin daughters, to celebrate the day.  we decided while we were there, we would have regan, todd's cousin, take our family portrait for us.  as we were deciding what to wear, todd and i had a rather large disagreement as to what ryan should wear.  (if these are the biggest types of arguments we have throughout our marriage, i think we'll be alright.)  :)  todd decided that we should just take two photos, then we would both be happy.

which shirt on ryan, our youngest, do you think i chose, and which one do you think todd chose?

thank you regan for taking our family photo for us!


  1. I'm going with the solid blue?!

  2. You were right. I love the looks on Jack's and Ryan's faces in the second shot. "What is wrong with these people?!?!?" :)

  3. From Debbie Moore ~ (I don't know how to do the profile stuff because I'm a DUMMIE!
    No matter who picked which shirt I have to say that I LOVE Ryan's look in the first picture because of his shorts and his crocs. TOO CUTE! When is he going to learn how to do the famous Wind #1 sign??!!