Aug 6, 2010

playdate cards

imagine: you and your 6 month old have joined a new play group.  you watch in joy as your son and another child sit together and build blocks.  wouldn't it be nice if they could play outside of the play group?  as the activities draw to a close, the other mommy asks for your phone number.  you both are holding your babies and fumbling for your phones and/or pieces of paper.  wouldn't it be nice if you could reach into your pocket or bag and pull out a card with all of your info on it?

or how about: you and your family have just moved to a new town.  your daughter has graciously been invited to a new friends' house.  you are thrilled that she has made friends so quickly!  as you drop your daughter off, you have to review a list of things your daughter is allergic to.  wouldn't it be helpful to be able to hand the new friends' mother a card with a photo of your daughter and a list of things she is allergic to, as well as your doctor's contact info?

there are lots of other occasions when a little card of information would be so easy to hand to someone.  i am now offering these playdate cards!  only $29.99* for a pack of 50 standard size cards, or $27.99* for a pack of 100 mini cards.

*plus shipping.

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