Aug 15, 2010

windermere orlando children photographer - even stevens, or ryan's in this case

my last post about my family was a little pic heavy with jack, as my husband pointed out.  so i thought in this one, i would showcase my sweet man, ryan.

but first, our new friends.

the lizards.

they like to hang out with us while we eat our lunch outside.  do you think they are waiting to help clean up?

this one was trying to sneak up the side of ryan's chair.  those are ryan's shorts in the bottom right corner...

here he is!  being big boy, and coloring.  this didn't last long.  seems sorting the crayons is way more fun than actually using them.

i just don't know what it is about him, but he's just a baby to me.  ryan will be 2 in october, and i just feel like he's still my baby.  all the way down to his toes.

he has my crazy crunched up ears.  poor guy.  he makes them look cute though.

another attempt at coloring.

there you go daddy!  do you have something for your iPhone background now?  :)

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  1. love the lizard photo at the top. and of course Mr. Ryan is always presh!