Aug 13, 2010

the wild - orlando, florida children photographer

jack has discovered a love for bugs.  ick.  i'm going to really have to start checking his shorts pockets.  any bug he encounters, he names, and he remembers distinct features about them to find them later.

like andy the ant.  he lost andy, and i thought calling another ant andy would do, but no, andy has an orange butt.  hmph.

so here is cathy the caterpillar.  cute little thing.  but, she wasn't doing so well, and jack was worried.  i love the furrowed brow.

i took the boys to the tibet-butler preserve.  we unfortunately (or fortunately?) did not see any crocs.  but the boys had a blast running around the forrest.

jack looking through the little fish tank in the welcome center.

anyone that knows ryan, or has read this blog, knows that ryan loves water.  well, he loves mud too.  figures.

i took this next one for daddy.  as much of a seafood lover that he is, i wanted to show him that his children are totally down with this tasty treat.

being a photographer, my kids have pcs - or photographers child syndrome.  they basically run when i pull out my camera.  so i am constantly trying to come up with new ways to capture their smiles.  standing on top of the counter and telling jack to tickle my toes seems to work.

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